Limited Access: How poor working conditions for airport wheelchair attendants affect passengers with disabilities

This report is an effort to document the difficult working conditions that wheelchair attendants encounter while on the job. As the people tasked to perform this vital airport service, wheelchair attendants know the impact that inferior contractors hired by the airlines can have on the passengers that they assist. Their experiences reveal the disconnect between what airlines say they are doing to make the airport accessible and the actual day-today operations of wheelchair services contractors. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE REPORT.

  • Dear JetBlue,

    We are your subcontracted PrimeFlight, Ultimate and Roma workers who provide services— cabin cleaning, terminal cleaning, wheelchair attending and more— to JetBlue at airports in New York. We do the security checks of your planes, but have been told on and off to not complete the searches. We enable your record breaking profits, but are given few, if any, benefits to support our families. We keep your terminals clean, but are often not given adequate supplies to safely do our jobs. Then when we try to speak up about these issues your contractors Roma and Ultimate have illegally threatened us and tried to intimidate us. (Click here for more details on these issues.) This treatment doesn’t match JetBlue’s values of humanity, safety, integrity and caring. As New Yorkers, we expected more from New York’s hometown airline. New Yorkers need an airline that will hire responsible contractors and tell them to treat airport workers right! Will that airline be JetBlue? Sincerely, The Airport Workers Organizing Committee

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